HEARTHROBBER [One Shot Fan Fiction]

Just For Fun.
Thank you for the inspirator.
Please ignore the shitty grammars.


It is already 20 minutes passing midnight. Rara had just finished her super tiring weekend shift as an accountant because the work loads are kind of multiplying especially because this is the early month payment time.
She took a glance at her phone and put it back to her bag. She zipped up her coat and ready to face the freezing night air to her home.

She walked quite fast because she knows that walking slowly will be so dangerous for a girl like her alone in the middle of a night, in a super quiet street.
She hummed her favorite song just to ignore the feeling that she is a bit scared. No. She was soooooooooo scared. It was so rare for her to finish work this late.
As another distraction, she planned to have her favorite spicy kimchi ramyun for supper later when she reached home.

“Ah! I guess I ran out of ramyun. I should buy some for stock.”
She gave her head a light hit with her palm.
She pulled out her wallet and realizing she hasnt even had time to withdraw some cash.
She rolled her eyes and walk faster to find the nearest ATM machine.

She inserted her card as soon as she found the ATM machine.
Just in time when she is about to press the “withdraw” button, she felt a sharp thing poking her waist and a hand sealing her mouth.
She was extremely shocked.

“Withdraw every cent you have in there. Give it to me and I will leave you untouched.”

There were a strong mixed smells of cigarette and cheap alcohol brand. Oh, the hand smelled bad too.
The voice was light yet dominating, and because that guy pulled Rara to his chest, Rara could actually feel that guy’s racing heartbeat as if he–in fact–dont want to do this.

Rara stood still. She was sweating and trembling. She could not think of anything. She pushed out the idea of screaming because that sharp thing in her waist was still there and the drunk guy can just give it a little bit pressure and Rara wont be able to see sunrise anymore.

“Do as I say because hurting you is the last thing I wanna do tonight.” He gave his last warning.

Rara closed her eyes tight to avoid crying. She knew it would make things even worse. She then pressed the “wrong” button and re-enter a bigger amount which is actually EVERYTHING SHE HAD in her saving.

The money was coming out from the machine and the guy took it all in a flash, putting them in his black ripped jeans’ pocket sloppily.
He finally released his hand which sealing Rara’s mouth.
Rara quickly inhaled as much air as she could take but still too scared to turn over.
She prayed he would just leave her but actually he wasnt.
Rara could feel that guy’s eyes scanning her.
Her knees were already weak and when she thought she couldnt take it anymore, she cried.

“Leave me, please. You’ve had all you want now.” She pleaded. She hugged herself.

The guy wont say anything. He stood there as if he hadn’t just do something wrong to a girl—robbing her with a sharp weapon.

“Leave!!! Please!!!” Rara added more volume to her voice.
She bent her knees and squatted. She wrapped herself in front of him, still not choosing to see the jerk’s face.

Someone called. Rara stopped her crying and looked over the voice. The guy acted the same way too.
“What are you guys doing there? Hey, Miss! Are you crying??”

He was a patrolling police officer. Soon as the police seeing the guy holding a knife, the police pulled out his gun.
“Drop the knife or I’ll shoot.”
The police pointed his gun to the guy’s chest.
“I said drop it!”
The guy stood still. Hard like a stone.

There were really no one other than the three of them. So Rara had no idea where to seek help. Her phone was in her bag but she was too scared to take it—remembering the guy with a sharp knife stood only few centimeters from her. When Rara got to see what weapon he is holding…. it was a really really sharp knife.

The guy took one step back closer to Rara.

“Dont you dare taking any more steps or hurting the girl or I will release a bullet to any part of your body.”
The police shouted again but anything he said were not gaining any responses from the guy. He was only taking one step back and that was all.
“Alright. You can stay in your current position while I am contacting my head office reporting you and in any minutes a police car will come to pick you up.”

The police moved his glance to his waist to seek for his handy-talkie.

Taking his chance, the guy with sharp knife turned around in a light speed and grabbed Rara, made her standing again and put the knife on her collar.
Rara screamed and cried again. The police officer were shocked and pointed the gun to Rara and the bad guy.
“Shoot me and you will have both of us dead. If you are lucky enough not to miss me.”
First time the guy responding the police officer.
“Dont play with me.” The police officer warned again with a more serious tone.
The guy laughed. Suddenly…
Both Rara and the guy fell onto the ground, both facing up.
The guy growled painfully. He losen his grip on Rara and the knife was thrown somewhere far from both of them.
“Miss, move!” Ordered the police.
Rara followed the order and saving herself a safe spot few meters from the helplessly laying guy on the ground.
Rara noticed something behind the guy’s back on the ground. It was blood… huge amount of it and a bullet hole pictured on the guy’s left shoulder.
But what concerned her more, that this is the first time she was able to see the person threatening her.
He was nothing than what Rara had ever imagine he would be. No scars at his face, no messy hair, no dark skin tone, not a fat body or ugly clothes.
This guy is… cute. Too fair skin tone and clean face. A clean orange undercut hair completed his superfine figure for a low class street robber.


Rara was speechless. How on earth could this guy owned a pathetic life rather than be the world’s finest top model or actor?

The police officer came closing the laying guy, still pointing his gun towards him.
“I demand you to surrender!” He shouted.
The guy replied in long sigh.
The police officer turned out to Rara,
“Miss, I need you to submit your ID to me and then go home. Tomorrow morning at 8am please come to our office to file a report and take your ID back.”
Rara nodded to the police then change her glaze to the laying guy on the ground. He seemed like holding a huge pain. Rara can see a small form of tear on the corner of his right eye. But strangely, other than that, he could manage a calm expression on his face.

Rara handed her ID and thanked the police for saving her life tonight. She bowed down and then walked towards home. Never want to look back to see the laying guy for a second sparing his sight to Rara’s waving coat.

8am the next day, police office.

Rara stepped into a room.
There are these one police officer with a scary moustache, a table, a chair, some papers and an old typewriter. Nothing else.
“Please sit down.” Said the police officer with a scary moustache.
“Please tell me what have had happenned last night. I will help you filing a report then you may put charges to the bad kid.” He continued.
Rara was a bit hesitant.
“It’s OK. No need to worry.” Said him again.
Then Rara started to speak. She pictured everything she could recall.
Then she stopped at the time when she finally recognized that guy’s face.
Charming. So charming. Too charming, if she may add.
Her mind flew high for a split second before the officer’s voice brought her back to reality.
“OK, Miss. If nothing more, then I will wrap up this interview session and file the report. We may call you again if more information is needed. Please be available.”
“Thank you,” Rara replied.

One week after,

“Rara, will you help me?” Byeolhae asked.
“Sure, what matter?” she asked back.
“If you are not too busy today, accompany me to this hospital.”
“What happen?”
“Hoya just got his appendix surgery today. I hope he will be just fine after this. Beside, it has been a long time since you both met.” Byeolhae explained.
“Ah… OK then. Can you drive me home after that or you planned to stay the night?”
“I am alright with anything. I can just drive you home then get back to the hospital. I wont let what happen last week be happen again this time.”
“Thank you, you are so nice. But will Hoya accept this idea?” Rara worried.
“Sure he will. Dont worry.”
Byeolhae smiled.
“Thank you, Rara.”
“No problemo,”

At the hospital,

“Jagiya!!!” Byeolhae barged in and shocked Hoya.
“Egumonina, Jagiyaa… Dont shock me like that. I could die.” Hoya put his hands to his heart and closed his eyes.
Byeolhae then hugged Hoya and kissed his forehead. Hoya smiled.
“Mianhae… I just missed you and worry about you way too much.”
“You see I am alright now. In one week, you will see me dance again.”
“No dancing until I am 100% sure you are 100% fully recovered and that wont happen until it reached one month.”
Hoya cutely frowned in front of his girlfriend.
“No frowning because I cant kiss you right now.” Byeolhae laughed.
“…and why is that?” Hoya asked.
“Because there is me.” Rara stepped in.
“Oh, hi, Rara. Long time no see.”
Hoya smiled to Rara.
“Hey, how are you now?”
“I am fine. No more painful stomach-ache.”
“Here. Bananas, cupcakes, mineral water and energy drinks for you. Hope you will enjoy it.”
Rara put a big plastic bag on a table beside Hoya’s bed.
“Oh, thank you. It should be Byeolhae bringing me nice foods because foods here tasted sucks.” Hoya put up an ewwwwww face.
“Hahaha… She picked the items, I insisted to pay.”
“Thank you, Rara.” Hoya replied.

They were chatting for almost 2 hours. A nurse knocked on the door to remind it was the time for Hoya to take the medicine and got his temperature measured.
Rara’s phone ringing. It was from an unknown number.
“Uh… Hoya, Byeolhae, excuse me. I need to take this call. I will be back in a bit,”
Both Hoya and Byeolhae nodded.

Rara stepped out and slide her finger to answer the call.
“Yes?” She started.
“Miss Rara, this is from the police station. We would like to inform you that your report has been submitted and now you are welcome to press any charges upon Mr. Min Yoongi.”
“Wait. Mr. Min….. who?”
“Mr. Min Yoongi. The defendant.”
Min Yoongi… a voice in Rara’s head kept replaying the name.
“Hello, Miss? Are you still there?” Said the person over the phone.
“Ah… yes. I am still here.”
“We will wait for your action. Feel free to come anytime you are ready to press the charges.”
“Thank you.” Rara ended the conversation.

Do I really need to press the charges?
Rara only had that one question in her mind. Like, yes, that guy robbed her and threatened her life. But she is not the type who likes to fight fire with fire.
Was she going too soft already just because Min Yoongi is cute?
But, hey! Min Yoongi is cute!
The moment Rara heard that voice in her head, she hit hear head a bit hard.
“What the hell am I thinking?” She mumbled to herself.

Rara walked pass a little garden in the main area of the hospital.
While rubbing her head she accidentally bumped onto a little girl.
The little girl moaned weakly.
“Oh, sorry dear girl. Am I hurting you?”
Rara checked the little girl’s body.
“No, Unnie. I am alright. Sorry I am not paying attetion when I walk.”
Her voice was so cute and she is beautiful as well. Rara guessed she should be on her 9 or 10.
“No, no. This is Unnie’s fault, OK? I am sorry.” Rara replied.
“It is alright, Unnie.”
The little girl smiled like a little angel.
“My name is Aera.” She pulled her hand out to Rara.
“Ah, you can call me Rara.” Rara shook Aera’s hand.
“Nice to meet you, Unnie.”
“Nice to meet you, too, Aera. Oh. What is that in your left hand?”
Aera smiled again, “This is letters from Oppa.”
“Oppa?” Rara asked again. “Where is Oppa now?”
“Oppa is working somewhere so far. He always come here to visit me but because of this work, Oppa said he could not come for quite long time.”
“Aaah… is that so? Oppa is so nice to send you letters, though.” Rara touched the girl’s head.
“Unnie, you wanna read? Come here.”
Aera grabbed Rara’s hand and took her to a nice white wooden bench in the garden. She then put the letters on Rara’s hand.
3 pieces of papers with short writings in a super unreadable hand written.

First letter:

Annyeong Aera-ya…
Are you feeling better now?
Sorry, Oppa had urgent things to do, so Oppa cannot come. But soon as this finished, Oppa will come again.
Take care…


Second letter:

My dear Aera..
Hope my Aera is alright.
Oppa still cannot come. Mianhae.
Oppa is in another country now, later Oppa will bring you gifts.
I love you.


Third letter:

Have you take your medicine?
Dont skip meals.
Oppa will come soon.
Wait for me, okay?


Rara smiled to Aera.
“Wah, Oppa is busy working. You must be proud.”
“Yes. Oppa is working hard for me. Later Oppa will bring me to a vacation in a beautiful island. We will stay at a nice hotel, walking around the beach and enjoy sunset.” Aera replied excitedly.
Rara smiled.
“Aera wants to have vacation with Oppa?”
“Yes. It is my dream.”
Suddenly Aera’s expression got darker.
“I should be the one who make Oppa happy. But because of my illness, Oppa had to work hard to make me happy.”
“If I read Oppa’s letters, I am sure Oppa is happy having a cute dongsaeng like you.” Rara touched Aera’s cheek.
“I want to meet Oppa…” Aera suddenly started crying.
Rara hugged Aera to comfort her.
“Sshh… dont cry Aera-ya. Oppa already said he will come soon. He will come. So dont worry, okay?”
Aera sobbed a bit.
Aera spent minutes crying while hugging Rara. Rara softly patted her head and back. Without realizing, Aera fell asleep.
Rara held Aera to her embrace and asking a nurse where is Aera’s room.
She laid Aera on the bed and cover her with blanket.
Rara smiled at Aera. She realized she still holding Aera’s Oppa’s letters. She folded them back nicely and open a drawer beside Aera’s bed to save them.
Once the drawer opened, Rara saw a picture of a guy smiling while piggy-backing a cute girl who is non other than Aera.
She took the picture and couldnt hold herself down when she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her.
The guy is Min Yoongi.

She looked at the sleeping Aera and back to the picture.
Is this really Min Yoongi? The guy who robbed her and nearly took her life with a sharp knife?
Is that possible that they beastly guy that night is the same person as Aera’s angel Oppa?
Rara couldnt really put everything out. So she decide to take the letters and the picture and put them in her bag. Then she pulled out her cellphone and type a text.

Byeolhae-ya. I have to go and this is very urgent. See you tomorrow. Get well soon to Hoya.

Later, at the police station,

“I need to meet Min Yoongi.”
Rara said to one officer at the reception table.
“Miss, you cannot meet the defendant if it is not scheduled.”
“Then schedule it now!” Rara shouted.
“Sorry, Miss. This is not the time.” Said the officer.
“Excuse me, how can I help?”
One senior police officer came.
“Sir, Miss Rara wants to meet the defendant, Mr. Min Yoongi. I told her she cannot meet the defendant unscheduled.”
“Sir, this is urgent.” Rara added.
“I am terribly sorry, Miss Rara. That is the rule. Unless…” the officer hung his words.
“Unless what?” Rara asked.
“Unless you press charge or you dont. Then you can meet him as rival on court or as two free souls.”
Rara stopped for a while. Thinking.
“Both can implied effectively soon?” She asked again.
“Yes. At this very second.” The officer replied.
“Then I wont press any charges.”
Rara finally made her decision.
She wasnt even sure on her words either. She couldnt think of what will happen after this. Whether this is right or wrong. Min Yoongi will thank her or haunt her until her death.
The police officer was at the same shock and seemed worry.
“Miss, are you sure? This is a good chance. The bad kid will go to jail.” Said the police officer.
“No. I wont press any charges. Let him go.”
“Miss, you are aware that once the decision is taken, you have got no turning back. Filing another report will take time.” The police officer warned again.
“I believe it is at my own risk. Let him go. Void every file reported.”
Rara stuck to her words.

Then everything just happened like that. Reported files cancelled and Min Yoongi is now free to go.
He was walking from behind the bars to Rara’s very sight. They are now already outside the police office.
He looked so furious.
“If you expect me to thank you, forget it.” He said coldly.
He was wearing the clothes from that night when it was happened. There was still the bullethole and Rara can now see the dirty bandage wrapping his shoulder.
“Seems like you havent change the bandage since last week.”
Rara said in a flat tone. Dont wanna expose her mixed up feelings quite this fast.
Yoongi was a bit annoyed but stay shut.
“I dont know who you are and what are you thinking about me now. Despite what was already happened, I will consider it was my bad luck and I hope you too…”
Rara was able to arrange her feelings and control her emotion while speaking.
“…and me, decided to drop charges on you is not because of you so you dont have to thank me because I never expect it.” She continued.
“What are you trying to say?” Yoongi replied harshly.
Rara slightly smiled and pull some things out from her bag.
She hold the letters from Yoongi to Aera on her left hand and Yoongi and Aera’s pic on her right hand.
Yoongi’s jaw dropped.
“Where did you find them? Where did you see Aera?” He now spoke in a more friendly tone.
“Do you think I am just like you? Hurting people for the sake of my happiness? No, Yoongi. You are wrong.” Rara laughed.
“You dont know anything about me.” His jaw started to clench again.
“I already said that to you earlier.” Rara inhaled. “What I was trying to say is that I dont know about you. You dont know about me. But you were hurting me and I found out that was happened because you have a reason… for making your loved one, happy. So I dropped the charges. Because the reason on why did what you do was right, you just did it the wrong way.”
Rara was now able to look at Yoongi in the eyes, with a smile.
“Aera is such a nice and beautiful girl. I did this because of her. Thank her.”
When Rara was standing only inches from Yoongi, she smiled again and put the letters and the picture in Yoongi’s chest.
Yoongi’s hands suddenly covered her hands, still in his chest.
Rara’s smile disappeared. She was unable to register Yoongi’s soft and warm touch on her hand.
Rara pulled out her hand and turn over. Not giving any chances for Yoongi seeing her cheeks stupidly blushing.
“She was waiting for you. For her Oppa to come.” Rara said while start to walk to the opposite direction from where Yoongi’s at.
“Wait.” Yoongi called.
Rara stopped her steps. Standing and giving only her ears to Yoongi. Not daring to look back and showed that she felt happy just by being called by him.
“Do you mind to help me changing my bandage?” He asked shyly.


This is where Yoongi lived.
A small apartment. Limited guy stuffs and basket balls.
Rara sat on a small orange couch while waiting Yoongi grabbing warm water, band-aid, medicine and a towel.
Once Yoongi is back with all those, she asked him to sit beside her.
“Unbutton your shirt.” Rara asked him.
Yoongi did it without complaining. He unbuttoned his shirt and hissing in pain when he was about to let go one hand of his shirt. Rara helped him out.
Rara cut the old dirty bandage, then wiping the scar with warm water and towel carefully.
Once in a while Rara slowly blowed Yoongi’s shoulder to lessen the pain. She gave the medicine and wrapped a new clean bandage on it soon after.
She will also sneakily looked at Yoongi however Yoongi never looked back at her.
“I am sorry you have to get through this for me…..”
Yoongi looked at Rara, shocked at her words.
“…I mean for Aera…” Rara correcting.
Then there was a long pause between them before Yoongi finally break it with a sudden hurtful story.
“She is not my real sister.”
His hands form a punch and then he tried hard to continue.
“One of my friend… my shitty friend, raped her and gave her HIV virus. I am a bad guy, but seeing Aera at that time… crying so hard… asking for help while that bastard laughed at her… i just…..”
Yoongi’s face turned so red because of anger.
Rara was speechless upon this shocking revealance by Yoongi. That cute little angel? Behind the pretty smile and cute voice, she had gone through too much… and what is with the addition of HIV virus? Is that even necessary?
Rara silently cried. She tried to find words to console Yoongi however later she preferred not to. She didnt want to take any wrong moves.
Then she heard Yoongi sighing again.
“I fought that evil. I punched his face so many times. I stepped on his cursed d**k. Then I swore to myself I will take care of Aera until…..”
Yoongi lost his voice. His shoulder shook heavily. Rara knew he tried so hard to not cry.
“Her dream was to go on a vacation at a nice hotel. Playing in the beach and seeing sunset…”
Yoongi was now looking at Rara.
“I tried to find jobs. But that bastard was too rich, he can do anything to block me out for finding ones. So… that is why… I… I…”
Yoongi growled in frustration.
“I am sorry, Rara.”
There. He said it.

Rara smiled at him.
“I told you I already considered it as my bad luck. You are forgiven.”
Rara wiped her tears and helped Yoongi to put on his shirt.
“Aera is such a nice girl. I dont want her to lose her lovely Oppa.”
Yoongi smiled back.
“I am not that good. I left her a lot. Doing bad things but telling her I am working on some bullshit dream jobs.”
“Its called a white lie. Sometimes its necessary.” Rara patted his shoulder.
“Dont flatter me.” Yoongi shook his head.
“I dont.”
“Yes, you do.”
“No,  I’m not.”
They both looked at each other’s eyes. Long silent again before Yoongi grabbed Rara’s hand and said,
“Lets meet Aera together tomorrow.”
Smile rised again on both faces.

The next day at the hospital,

Yoongi and Rara walked side by side towards Aera’s room.
Knock… Knock…” said Yoongi.
“OPPA!!!!” Aera jumped in happiness seeing his Oppa back. She hugged Yoongi and kissed Yoongi’s cheeks.
Yoongi giggled.
“How’s Oppa’s princess doing? You took your medicine? Not being naughty to aunty nurses?”
“No, Oppa. I am so nice. I eat every food they provide me. I took medicines three times a day.”
Aera literally couldnt stop smiling to have Yoongi around her.
Then she saw Rara.
Rara smiled back at Aera.
“Hello, Princess.”
“Unnie.. and… Oppa…”
Aera seemed confused. “You are couple?”
Her question made both Yoongi’s and Rara’s heart skipped a beat. Maybe Aera just want to ask if they know each other.
No one dare to exchange glances, even more to answer.
Instead, Yoongi saying to Aera,
“Aera-ya… just wait a little bit, okay. Oppa will take you to a nice hotel. We will have a vacation together.”
“Really, Oppa? When is it? Where are we going?”
Aera hyped up again.
“Relax, beautiful. Oppa will let you know when. But for now, you have your rest first. Be extra healthy so we can play as long as you want at the beach.”
“Okay, Oppa!”
Yoongi kissed Aera’s forehead and the little princess was soon fell into her deep sleep.

Yoongi and Rara walked out from Aera’s room.
No words spoken and it was too awkward.
Both saying at the same time.
Then they smiled shyly.
Same act repeated again.
They both giggled.
“I go first.” Yoongi said. Rara nodded.
Yoongi then reached his pocket for later he handed Rara some money. The exact amount he robbed Rara days ago.
Rara freezed.
“I never used any since I took it from you. I swear. It was never mine actually. You have released me from charges and I haven’t thank you back. It was too nice of you. So I want to give those back to you. Again, I am so sorry.”
Yoongi smiled but Rara felt it was the saddest smile Yoongi ever performed.
“But the vacation you have promised to Aera?”
Yoongi smiled again. “Let that be my own concern.”
Rara looked at the money on her hands. She never expected this to be happen. She already gave the money to Yoongi since that night. Since she came to this hospital and met Aera.
“OH!!” Rara shouted. Startled Yoongi for a while.
“What???” Asked Yoongi.
Rara put the money to her bag and grab Yoongi’s hands.
“Hey! What are you doing??? Where are we going?”
Rara ignored Yoongi and she led them to another wing on the hospital.
Rara knocked on the door once they reach a room.
“Where is this? Who is in there?” Yoongi asked forcefully.
“Sssshhhhhh…” Rara replied.
“Come in.” Said someone from inside.
“Ya!!! Rara!!! Where did you go yesterday?? You said you have to go and it was urgent and you didnt even reply my message or calling me and now you just come….”
Byeolhae stopped her blabbering when she saw her bestfriend walked in with a guy.
“Oh. Hello…” she said to Yoongi.
Yoongi awkwardly bowed to her and to Hoya. Hoya smiled.
“Sorry, Byeolhae. It was really urgent yesterday and I come here because I need you both to do me a favor.”
Rara looked at Hoya then Byeolhae.
“Okay. What’s that?” Hoya was curious.
“This is my…. uh…. friend, Min Yoongi.” Rara introduced Yoongi.
Thank God that Byeolhae might forget to ask the detail of that horrible thing happened to Rara last week so she wasnt aware of the defendant’s name a.k.a the guy who is currently at the same room with her now.
“He… uh…. we… uhm. I need your help.” Rara was struggling with her diction. No one understand what was she trying to do or say.
“Go on…” Byeolhae demanded.
“There is this little girl… at this same hospital. She is Yoongi’s sister. She wanted to have a vacation with Yoongi and a stay in a nice hotel near the beach so she can play around and see sunset.”
“No, Rara!” Yoongi cut Rara’s words.
“It is alright, Yoongi. It is not for you. It is for her.” said Rara.
“Not this way.”
Yoongi made his way out of the room.
Hoya and Byeolhae looked so confused.
“I am sorry. Give me a second. I will explain later.” Rara followed Yoongi’s steps.

“Yoongi!” Rara shouted.
Yoongi was not listening and fasten his steps.
“Do you think you have much time???” Rara shouted again.
“Yoongi!” Rara ran as much as she could and grab Yoongi’s arm.
“Listen to me!!” She grabbed both of Yoongi’s hands and pushed him against a wall.
“Listen to me now! This is not the time to count your ego and let Aera waited for too long. Cant you see her excitement whenever you or she talked about that vacation?? Cant you feel that it is her dream? That she wanna do it with you like… at this very moment???”
Yoongi stared deep at Rara’s watery eyes.
“Can you guess when will be the time??? Aren’t u scared that later when you are too busy looking for money, she could have just…..”
Rara couldnt continue her words because Yoongi had already grabbed her into his embrace.
“Dont you dare scaring the hell out of me…” He whispered on her ear.
“What…” Rara still in a huge shock.
This is the first time she was being held deep in a stranger’s arms. Funnily, she enjoyed this. She felt that same hearbeat again. That same heavy breath and a light yet dominant voice again.
The only thing so difference this time was that Yoongi’s scent is so nice. No smells of cigarette or cheap alcohol brand anymore. This time she smelled a scent of a pine tree on him… and it was so calming.
She was a bit disappointed when Yoongi decided to pull out on her.
Was she expecting a longer hug?
“I just cant accept your help.” Said Yoongi.
“Why?! Because I have robbed you. I make you broke. I nearly killed you with that f*cking knife, okay?”
Yoongi stared again to Rara’s eyes. This time deeper. Rara could find a big piece of frustration in those eyes.
“But I let it passed already.” Rara said weakly.
“Yeah? Sorry, I dont.”
His words were as cold as ice. Contradictively to the warm hug he shared just now—at least Rara thought so.
“Please. Let me do this for Aera.” Rara came closer to Yoongi. “After this, we go back to our own path. I promise.”
Rara felt a painful slit on her heart when she said so. She wanted to do something for Aera even if after that she really need to give up not seeing Yoongi anymore.
Was she really have something on Yoongi now?

She waited him to respond.
“Okay. With one condition.” Yoongi finally speak up.
“Anything.” Rara said with a smile.
“I will pay you back for this.”
Rara couldnt be happier. She directly grabbed Yoongi’s hand back to Hoya and Byeolhae’s room.

“Oppaaaaaa… Unnieeee…… this is soooooooooo nice!!!!”
Aera ran around the pretty garden near the resort.
It was spring and the weather has never been better.
Aera was laughing happily as soon as she saw the beach’s sands. She then was busy building up a huge sandcastle, leaving Rara and Yoongi just able to watch her out from a far.
“Send my regards to Hoya and Byeolhae. They were really nice to lend their resort for Aera.” Said Yoongi while keep watching Aera.
Rara smiled.
“You too. Tell me you’re not a human.” He continued.
“Wait, what?” Rara looked at Yoongi.
“I dont believe you are a human. You must be an angel.” He smiled so cute it hurts Rara’s heart.
They giggled.
“Rara, I’m really sorry I’ve robbed you. That was the dumbest decision Ive ever made….” he bit his lips “…and also the luckiest thing ever happened to my life.”
“Huh?” Rara tried to figure out his words.
Yep. Yoongi was the best joy-killer ever born. But Rara was kinda liking his presence now. It was not even a month and Rara already felt like she found what she was looking for.
Yoongi and his everything were just like the missing puzzle part for Rara.
The problem is, Rara wasnt sure if Yoongi felt the same towards her. She wasnt dare enough to ask. It was too early and Rara is fully understand that Yoongi is currently focusing on Aera and her health.

Hoya and Byeolhae allowed Rara, Yoongi and Aera stayed in their beautiful resort for a week. By the time, Aera was so happy she never stop laughing and asking Yoongi and Rara to join with her playing around.
They played games, cooking together, watching movies, seeing sunrises and sunsets, Yoongi and Rara even took turns to read many bedtime stories for Aera.
But especially tonight, Aera requested both of them to attend her bedtime story session. It was the last day on the resort and tomorrow they will head back to each other’s real life.
“Oppa.. Unnie.. thank you for being so nice to me. I never know who my parents are but having you both now makes me happy. I kind of knowing the feeling of having mom and dad.”
Yoongi stared to Rara’s eyes. Rara tried so hard to hide the tears.
“Aera-ya, Oppa will always be here for you.” Said Yoongi.
“How about Unnie?” Aera looked up at Rara.
Rara wasnt able to answer because she was afraid Aera will notice her shaking voice.
“Unnie too. You just need to call either one of us.” Like knowing the situation, Yoongi helped out to answer.
“Oppa, Unnie, you have to stick together forever, okay? I will be happy if you do.”
Yoongi smiled weakly to Aera.
Rara suddenly go to the bathroom as she couldnt hold her tears any longer.
“Unnie?” Aera called her.
“Oppa will see Unnie, okay?” Yoongi kissed Aera and go straight to the bathroom.
He later on found Rara covered her face and her shoulder shook a lot.
He put his hands on her shoulder.
“Hold it.” He said.
Rara sobs hard again.
“Help me out here, Rara. We should be happy in front of her. I am sad, too. But….”
Rara turned out and hug Yoongi. Luckily Yoongi’s shoulder recovered so fast. Rara cried on that shoulder and Yoongi wrapped his hand to comfort her.
Minutes passed and Rara can now calmed down eventhough small sobs still left.
Yoongi cupped his hands on Rara’s cheek and wiped dry the wet spots.
He shared one sweet smile to Rara.
“Come. I have one great story to tell.” Said Yoongi.

The sky was covered with dark grey clouds.
Thunders and lightnings colored it up.
A guy standing in front of a gravestone which written:

Min Aera
2005 – 2015

Rara walked towards that guy. They both wearing black outfit.
Their black shades couldnt cover up their swollen and red eyes. More of it, their complete sadness.
“Thank you.” Said Yoongi.
Rara sobs lightly.
“Thank you for insisting on me to take the offer for the resort. I cant imagine how if that time I keep rejecting and you gave up on me.
Thank you for dropping the charges so I still can have my time with her.
Thank you for forgiving me because I surely wont do the same if such thing happened to me.
Thank you for sticking by our side until her last time.
Thank you for being a super nice Unnie to my precious princess.”
Yoongi blurted it all out while keep staring and the gravestone.
“Thank you for robbing me.”
Her words tickled him and he laughed.
He turned to her side and intertwining his fingers on hers. She was smiling.
“I failed.” He whispered.
“On what?” Rara blinked her eyes.
“I swore to myself I wont care about you. Because at first, you are just like my ordinary victims. But I failed. Big time.”
He now moved facing that clueless girl.
“Last time at the hospital, when I said that I want to pay you back for your kindness, I meant it.”
He grabbed her other hand.
“But I dont have enough money yet. So let me pay you back another way.”
“How?” She asked.
He moved forward to kiss her forehead.
“I sucks at words. You also have got to see how bad I was when I took care of my little princess. But now, if I worth another chance, let me pay your kindness back by being your man for the longest time possible. I will sacrifice my life for you. I will redeem on everything I have had done to you.”
“But… why? Why me?”
Yoongi took a small and deep sigh then fixing one hair strand hanging on Rara’s forehead.
“Because no one ever chased me everytime I walked over. No one ever paid attention on every scars and hurt I sufferred. No one ever trusted me enough to cry on my shoulder. No one ever so close enough to me or Aera to come to my house or spent the days together.”
Rara took over the shades covering Yoongi’s eyes, then took hers.
“…and you said you were sucks with words, Mr. Poetic.” Rara smiled.
Yoongi scratched the back of his head while laughing.
“So?” He bite his lips. “Will you accept this looser to be your boyfriend?”
“Uh… last time I checked, he’s the winner… and yes. I accept him completely.”


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