As we know that Super Junior Kangin entered the military at July 5th 2010. and to show our support for him, we made this project.

You just need to write a letter for him, maximum with 100 words (in English or Korean “Hangul”) and send it to * *

That letter will be collected and will be sent to the military for Kangin.

We give you time until 30th July 2010 to send it. and if you have sent your letter, please mention in twitter at @Stary_luph13 or @aprilprili (Indonesian ELFs) or @flyiny (Korean ELF).

Please help us by joining this project and show our love to him.

Thank you so much.

NB: This project was made by Korean ELFs (Heni and friends) and publicated by Indonesian ELFs (Stary and April)